Developing Integrated Systems In Physician Organizations -- A Subcommittee of the PHO


To work towards an improved integrated patient care delivery system where patient information flows easily between different specialties, ancillary testing and the hospital and where relationships are established between practice management to reduce duplication of efforts and share information within the Health Partners of New Hampshire, Inc., medical community.


  • Develop usable electronic formats that allow medical information to flow between practices and the hospital
  • Promote a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Hold quality of care to a high standard across all practices and specialties
  • Establish appropriate access to physicians in all specialties
  • Design and manage systems to support community-wide clinical initiatives
  • Integrate population management IT-related data into PHO efforts to improve population health.
  • Conduct regular and open discussion of future plans on how the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital medical community can improve the coordination of patient care between specialties and the hospital

Global Network Systems

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Global has extensive experience in many software packages, including Epic.  Global also offers a very economical option for practices wishing to utilize NextGen (named 2019 Best in Klas for practices of 11-75 providers) for their practice management system.

Joseph F. Paolini
Global Network Systems, Inc.
4 Continental Drive
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Email Address: Joe@globalv.com

NOVO Innovations

Healthcare information exchange continues to challenge the healthcare community for a number of reasons including:

  • Privacy and security
  • Physician adoption
  • Lack of standards
  • Lack of a sustainable business model
  • Large number and variety of disparate systems
  • Need to integrate paper-based systems
  • Focus on data aggregation
  • Data management
  • Patient matching/identification challenges

NOVO Innovations is a platform that exchanges information between healthcare settings regardless of the level of automation each setting employs. There are three basic levels of automation a practice can have. They are:

  • No EMR - The practice has a paper-based medical record. This system replaces faxing and gives practices more control of the information they receive.
  • Document Imaging - The practice has a computerized medical record using scanning or digitized images to create a legal medical record. They can move image files directly into their imaging system.
  • Full EMR - The practice has a full electronic medical record with discreet data elements and interface capabilities to foreign systems.

The NOVO Innovations application can currently offer the following information to PHO members:

  • Result and reports delivery
  • Face sheet rendering

The PHO is implementing and upgrading other applications in order to offer the following support to PHO members:

  • Orders
  • Other reports - Any other document to be exchanged either between Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and the practice or vice versa such as referral and consult reporting, pre-natal reports, H&Ps and medication lists

There is no limit to the number of PHO member practices that can participate in this initiative. For additional information on NOVO Innovations or to implement NOVO Innovations, please contact the Information Systems Department at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital at (603) 740-2104.

Committee Membership

Norman Heine

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Email: Norman.Heine@wdhospital.org


David Hutton

Atlantic Digestive Specialists

Email: DHutton@atlanticdigestive.com


Robert Kay

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Email: Robert.Kay@wdhospital.org


Danielle Erwin

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Email: Danielle.Erwin@wdhospital.org


Sharlene Poitras

Goodwin Community Health

Email: SPoitras2@goodwinch.org


Peter Smith

Fortress Pro Enterprises, LLC

Email: Fortressproenterprises@gmail.com

Jeffrey Pollock

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Email: Jeffrey.Pollock@wdhospital.org


Joe Paolini

Global Network Systems, Inc.

Email: Joe@globalv.com


Tracey Simmers

Garrison Women’s Health Center, WDPC

Email: Tracey.Simmers@wdhospital.org


Ann Gilbert

Manchester Urology

Email: AGilbert@manchesterurology.com


John Morris

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Email: John.Morris@wdhospital.org

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